Treaty of Fort Laramie 1851

The Treaty of Fort Laramie 1851 was drawn by the government of the United States of America and the representatives of the Indian tribes so as to curb the animosity between the European American settlers and the natives. The creation and the nature of the provisions seemingly endeavored to spawn amicable relations between both the groups. Also, it was a ploy designed by the U.S. government to promote the security of the ever-increasing number of miners and settlers who crossed the boundaries of the forbidden territories so as to reach California.

treaty of fort laramie 1851

It could be wisely stated that the Treaty of Fort Laramie 1851 was drafted, taking into consideration of the vested interests of the European American settlers. However, the true version of the treaty after the intervention of the U.S Senate was never published. Nevertheless, all the Presidents, including George Washington have proclaimed that all kinds of compacts or treaties signed by the U.S. with civilized or uncivilized groups would be honored by its people. The U.S. government would abide by the terms and conditions of any treaty with utmost fidelity.

It must be noted here that the formulation of the terms of the Treaty of Fort Laramie 1851 was solely entrusted to the Department of Indian Affairs by passing an appropriations act in the year1851. Further, the clauses state that any agreements or treaties in the interests of the Indian tribes would be enacted by the agents and officers of the Department of Indian Affairs. These officers would be designated by the President of the United States of America. In this way, the U.S government tried to portray an act of benevolence towards the native tribes. The government also undertook steps to see that the terms and conditions of the Treaty of Fort Laramie 1851 were thoroughly implemented throughout the expanses of the Indian territories.

On the other hand the Commissioners of Indian Affairs appointed for this purpose took this opportunity to inspect the Indian territories and implement the clauses of the treaty. However, they also became abreast with the Indian issues and mooted them in the U.S legislature. As a result, broad and well-meaning programs were designed to address the age old problems confronted by the natives.

When the treaty of Fort Laramie 1851 was formulated, it was presented to the Senate for making the necessary amendments. Also, it required the final assent of the representatives of the Indian tribes before it became a complete official document. However, it is believed that the assent of all the tribes has not been obtained so far. Consequently, though the Congress grants money in accordance with the stipulations of the treaty, it is not considered to be official. In other words, it could be stated that the Treaty of Fort Laramie1851 is not an official Act in spirit. A note has also been attached to the document stating the reasons for it not being published.

However, it would be wrong to state that the treaty is ineffective after all. It does exeist with its terms and conditions, albeit in virtual form.

fort laramie treaty 1851